Best deals on financial verticals

At Power Up Affiliates, you select the financial products to promote. Our online marketplace contains several offers that you can choose from, so you’re sure to always find the one that will attract your audience.

Simple and Fast payout based on the industry standards

You have to measure it, then you can improve it.

Our in-house built affiliate tracking software helps you to be in control and gives you the important tools to start, track and optimize your own campaigns. You can create your campaigns within minutes, approach your audience with appealing offers and start monitoring your traffic. Power Up Affiliate tracks your traffic from all angles. Starts with taking care of capturing clicks, leads and conversions. Power Up Affiliate also automatically makes sure that your commission gets paid weekly (above $1000 commission). Our customized reporting tools help you gain actionable insights.

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Our Best Features

Why Power Up Affiliates? Check it out below what makes us better then the other affiliate networks.

Multiple CPA/client

We're offering your clients several brands, and many times they deposit at more than one brand. In this case you will get the CPA after every brand they deposited.

24/7 response to partners

We're here for You. All the time. Doesn't matter whether the nature of your issue, You'll get a fast solution.

Weekly automated payment ($1000 minimum)

We shouldn't list payments as a benefit, but there are way too many disappearing act networks. For us, payment, is a requirement. Need faster payments? Bring the volume and you'll have it.

Deep inside experience from affiliate networks since 1995

As an Affiliate Partner, you can rely on us for the best products, guaranteed payments on-time and outstanding technology.

Affiliate is someone who's united in action and interest. Power up Affiliates is designed to maximize your revenues and turn your traffic into top-quality, active traders that will boost your business through one of the most appealing Affiliate packages around.

I'm working with Power Up Affiliate as an Affiliate for 2 months already. During this period my impression about the company has been really good. In this time frame I got amazing results in terms of conversion rate. The team is really professional and they managed to create a variety of great solutions for me on short notice, keeping a high level of skills.

Sam Isbister

European company

We're a Danish company with a Danish office, which gives us the benefits clean business, transparency and easier banking procedures. REGISTER NOW